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We are currently running golf tour's to Pattaya Beach, Thailand  as well as customizing golf packages to suit your personal needs.

In September this year we offer you a package of 9 nights accommodation, with 6 rounds of golf and the opportunity to play on some of Asia's finest Internationally designed golf courses.

Courses designed by such greats of the game as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Gary Player & Peter Thompson to mention but a few.

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Our next tour:

Pattaya Beach, Thailand. September or October 2017.

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    Tip of the month.

It's terribly frustrating to miss a short putt, especially if they are a meter or less from the hole. A short putt missed is a stroke more to your game. Sinking that short putt in one is critical to a better score.
Every golfer knows that, but how do you go about improving the percentages of a short putt sunk accurately? Well practice, practice and more practice. Yeah but besides practice what else?
1. Putt through the ball firmly. (unless it's sever downhill slope).
2. Putt to the centre of the cup (unless the break is very severe).
3. Keep the blade square to the ball and the cup on contact.
It's just like bowling, you aim the bowling ball at one of the chosen arrows marked on the lane rather than at the pins. Similarly stand back, align the ball with the cup, pick out an imaginary marker (a blade of grass etc) directly inline between the ball and the cup. Then square your putter blade against the ball and in line with with a marker on the ground you just picked out and putt firmly. You'll find that your percentage of holing out the short putts increase

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